A Visit to the Museum of Sergey Yesenin in Tashkent

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A Visit to the Museum of Sergey Yesenin in Tashkent

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I invite you to visit the wonderful museum. I think this museum is worth visiting.
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Now you are in the museum of Sergei Yesenin. It is in the centre of our city.The museum was opened in Tashkent in 1981. The fans of the great Russian poet have been visiting it for twenty-five years .
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Let’s go on a tour of the museum’s halls…
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In this hall of the museum you can see the original autographs of S. Yesenin.
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Look at the rare editions of the poet’s works . For example: «Radunitsa » , 1916
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Here there are some books
with notes of
the poet’s sisters and Galina Benislavskaya
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Now you can enjoy some
unique pictures of the great Russian poet.
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This sitting-room , a typical old Russian home in Tashkent, was recreated from the household items donated by people of Tashkent.
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And now you have a rare opportunity to listen to the records with a voice of the poet ….
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In this room there aresome poems of Yesenin in Uzbek translation.It was done by the Uzbek national poet Erkin Vahidov . Here you can also find the poet’s books in other languages​​. They show a great love and interest in the biography of the Russian poet.
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It is also interesting to look
at the rare editions of
the local poets of the twenties.


In the museum you can watch the slide film «S. Yesenin and the East «, created by
the museum’s director V. Nikoliuk.

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In our museum you can take part in different literary and musical evenings, concerts, contests and exhibitions , meet interesting people.
We invite you to participate in these exciting events!

Welcome to our museum!

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Our Address:
20 Independence Street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Phone number :
(+998 71) 237 11 79