British Writers

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What is the best present?

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The Bronte Sisters
William Shakespeare
Robert Burns
Graham Greene
Jane Austen
Сonan Doyle
C. Joanne Rowling
Robert Louis Stevenson
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Let’s check up your homework together!
Write about your last or favourite book.
Use the phrases which are given below:
I am fond of reading…
The writer was born …
My favourite book is …
The book is about …
The last book I have read …
The writer describes …
The book is by …
I like the book because …
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Find fiction genres
h o r r o r x f g j o
q h i s t o r i c a l
a d s f j k j l o p z
d e t m f a n t a s y
v t h q w e t y u i p
e e r s m i s t e r y
n c i d f g h h j k k
t t l x r o m a n c e
u i l s c i e n c e s
r v e a f i c t i o n
e e r m m c f g g s a
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1564 — 1616
C. Joanne
B. Arthur
Conan Doyle
1859 — 1930
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William Shakespeare
1564 — 1616
funerary monument
in Stratford-upon-Avon.
The Globe
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Conan Doyle’s family in New York, 1922
Grave of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at Minstead, England
Arthur Conan Doyle statue in Crowborough
B. Arthur
Conan Doyle
1859 — 1930
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«The Elephant House» – one of the caf?s in Edinburgh in which Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter novel.
C. Joanne Rowling
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Complete the sentences according to the texts
1. _____________________a famous playwright, continues to be the greatest writer in the English language.
2. _____________________ was born on 22 May 1859 in Edinburg, ____________________
3. _____________________author of the best-selling _______________ series of books.
4. __________________ , one of eight children, was the eldest son, and educated at _______________
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Complete the sentences according to the texts
5. Several times from 1891 to 1892 _____________________ tried to open a medical practice, first in ___________________, then in Portsmouth and finally in ____________________
6. ____________________ wrote her first story “Rabbit” at the age of five or six.
7. ___________________37 plays, including ___________________
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Complete the sentences according to the texts
8. In 1892, the first out of five collections of ________________ stories was published.
9. By 1920, _____________________ had become one of the highest paid writers in the world.
10. ______________________ quickly became a hit with children and adults alike and won ________________________________

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Answer the questions:
When was W. Shakespeare born?
When was Arthur Conan Doyle born?
When was C. Joanne Rowling born?
When did he/she live?
Where was he/she educated?
When and where was he/she started writing?
What famous books did he/she write?
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Let’s relax together!!!
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Let’s act out!
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Ex. 3 p. 169
Write 10 – 15 sentences
about your favourite author
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speak about…
know how to say my own opinion on…
Now I give arguments…
can find necessary information…
express my attitude to…