Healthy lifestyle

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Работу выполнила: ученица 8 б класса
Чеботникова ЕкатеринаКонсультант: Смирнова Анна Юрьевна-учитель Английского языка

Слайд №2
АннотацияРабота представляет собой два письма. В одном письме мальчик Michael жалуется на свое здоровье своей подруге по переписке Kate.Он пишет ей о своем распорядке дня. Получив его письмо,Kate очень расстроилась и решила помочь ему. Она высылает ему свой распорядок дня, надеясь на то, что он будет придерживаться этого графика и начнет вести здоровый образ жизни.

Слайд №3
Hello Kate,Hello Kate,
Thank you for your letter. I am tired and I feel
sick. And what about you? How are you getting on?
You asked me about my daily routine that’s why I
send it to you.
I get up at 7:30

Brush my teeth

Слайд №4
At 8:00 I go to school by bus. It takes me 10 minutes.And have breakfast at 7:45
(chips, sweets, coffee)

Слайд №5
14:30- I go home by busAt 8:30-14:30 I have 6 lessons at school

At 14:45 I have dinner I often eat hot dogs with pepsi

Слайд №6
From 15 to 18 I play computer gamesFrom 15 to 18 I play computer games

At 18:00 I have supper. I always eat pizza and drink cola

At 18:30 I watch TV and do my homework

Слайд №7
At 23:00 I go to bedAt 21:00 I like to drink tea with cheeseburger and then I am sitting on Internet.

To tell the truth, I sometimes drink alcohol. But it doesn’t matter.

It was my daily routine.

Слайд №8
I am sorry, but I have to stop writing now. My mother asks me to help her.I am sorry, but I have to stop writing now. My mother asks me to help her.
I miss you so much and I look forward to hearing from you answering.

Best wishes, Michael.

Слайд №9
Hi, Michael!Thank you for your letter. I am fine. But I have been shocked by your letter. You eat unhealthy food, play computer games a lot, smoking and drinking. It’s awful. It’s harmful for your health. But I can help you. I want to give you some advice.

Слайд №10
Look at my daily routineAt 6:00 I get up and take a shower

At 7:00 It’s time for breakfast. Eat only healthy food!
(vegetables, fruits, cereal; drink milk)

Слайд №11
At 7:30 I always do morning exercisesAt 7:30 I always do morning exercises

At 7:45 I go to school on foot

8:30-14:30 I have 6 lessons at school

Слайд №12
At 15:00 I have lunch.(soup, salads)At 14:30 I go home on foot.

At 15:30 I do my homework

Слайд №13
Time from 17:00 to 18:30 you can go for a walk.At 18:30 I have dinner.

At 19:00 I read books or doing my hobby

Слайд №14
At 20:00 I sometimes watch TV or use the Internet.At 21:00 I go to bed.

Here’s your new daily routine. I hope you will follow it.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Kate.

Слайд №15
Используемая литератураУчебник английского языка 8 класс «Happy» К. Кауфман, М. Кауфман.