If I went to Britain… Second Conditional

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If I went to Britain…
Second Conditional

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Second ConditionalСослагательное наклонение
Second conditional — Нереальное условное предложение. Second conditional используется в том случае, если речь идет о нереальной ситуации.
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Для того чтобы образовать такой тип условного предложения, необходимо в придаточном предложении употребить глагол в форме прошедшего времени (Past Simple), а в главном предложении создать сложную форму сослагательного наклонения из глагола would и простого инфинитива глагола без to.
If you went to bed earlier you would not feel tired.- Если бы вы ложились спать пораньше, то не чувствовали бы себя усталым.
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Если же в придаточном предложении мы имеем глагол to be, то его формой сослагательного наклонения будет were для всех лиц.
If I were you I would study English by all means.- На твоем месте я бы обязательно выучил английский. 
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Translate sentences from English into Russian:
If I had 2 million dollars, I`d give a lot to charity.
If people knew their future they would make fewer mistakes.
If Brian were here everything would be all right.
If she were happy in her job, she wouldn`t be looking for another one.
If I lived in Japan, I`d have sushi every day.
If I were you, I`d look for a new place to live.
She would be happy if she were invited to the party.
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Match the names and pictures
The tam-o’-shanter cap
The boater
The brogues
The deerstalker
The glengarry
The top hat
A Burberry bag
A brightly coloured umbrella from James Smith and Sons
A teapot from the famous Tea House in London
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Which of the things would you or your family members buy if you/they were on a visit to the UK?
If my mum were in England now,
If my sister went to Britain,
If my dad wanted to buy a souvenir,
If I could buy a new piece of clothing,
If my parents wanted to bring me a present,
If my pen friend lived in the UK,
If my grandparents could go to London,
If I were travelling in the Highlands now,
She would buy … for dad
I would buy …
I would choose … as a souvenir.
He would send me …
He would choose … for me.
She would think of buying …
They would buy …
They would …