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Questions for discussion:
What is cloning?
How are clones made?
What has already been cloned?
What are the pros and cons of cloning?
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Match the terms and the definitions:
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Check yourself:
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The term clone is derived from the Ancient Greek word ???? (kl?n, “twig”), referring to the process how a new plant can be created from a twig.  
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The First Clone
Ian Wilmut, an English bioligist, first cloned a mammal, a lamb Dolly from fully differentiated adult mammary cells in 1996 in Roslin Institute, Scotland.
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1. A somatic cell is taken from the animal that is to be cloned(a genetic donor). It contains the DNA of the animal.
Process of Cloning
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2. The nucleus of the egg cell of another animal (the egg donor) is discarded.
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3. The somatic cell from the genetic donor is inserted into the egg of the egg donor. The resulting egg contains the genetic donor’s DNA.
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4. The egg divides.
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5.In a week an early – stage embryo is formed.
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6. At the end of the pregnancy, the recipient gives birth to an animal that is the identical twin of the genetic donor.
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Task 1 (True/False)
1.Clones are organisms that have identical genetic material.
2.Twins are clones of one another.
3.Before Dolly clones have never been observed in nature.
4.A plant cutting can be used to generate a clone.
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5.In the 1950s scientists generated entire sheep from embryonic sheep cells.
6.G0 is a process of growing cells under starvation conditions.
7.The scientists of Roslin Institute made 277 fused cells while creating Dolly.
8.After Dolly other animals have never been cloned.

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Task 2Choose the right option:
What is the name of the film?
The Clone Wars
The Clones of Bruce Lee
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2.Who is the author of the book with the same name?
a) Agatha Christie
b) Alfred Hitchcock
c) Mary Shelley
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3) When was the film released?


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4. Who is the main character of the film
Khoma Brut

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Victor Frankenstein
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5.What awards did the film get?
Golden Globe
No awards
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Oscar, 1995
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ORC(Opinion Research Corporation)