Passive voice

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Passive voice

Грамматический материал
для использования в 7 классе

Володина М.В., учитель английского языка
МОУ СОШ № 9 г.Балашова,
Саратовской области.

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В английском языке существуют два способа
описывать одни и те же действия:
с помощью
действительного залога (The Active Voice)
страдательного залога (The Passive Voice).
Tense Tense Subject Verb Object
Simple Present Active: Rita writes a letter.
Simple Present Passive: A letter is written by Rita.
Simple Past Active: Rita wrote a letter.
Simple Past Passive: A letter was written by Rita.
Future Active: Rita will write a letter.
Future Passive: A letter will be written by Rita.
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Страдательный залог образуется с помощью
глагола to be в нужном лице, числе, времени
и III формы основного глагола(Participle II):
Simple Present
Simple Past
is (not)
will (not) be
Participle II
(III form,-ed)
Когда важно кто (или что) совершил (совершило)
действие, используется предлог by:

She was given flowers by Steve.

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Make Passive sentences in Simple Present.

1. the window / open
2. the shoes / buy
3. the car / wash
4. the letter / send
5. the book / read / not
6. the songs / sing / not
7.the shop / close / not

Слайд №5
Make Passive sentences in Simple Past.

1. the cat / feed
2. the test / write
3. the table / set
4. the house / build
5. dinner / serve
6. this computer / sell / not
7. the tables / clean / not

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Make Passive sentences in Future .

1. the exhibition / visit
2. the windows / clean
3. the message / read
4. the photo / take
5. these songs / sing
6. a dictionary / use / not
7. credit cards / accept / not

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Make Active sentences to Passive :
Simple Present

1. He opens the door. —
2. We set the table. —
3. She pays a lot of money. —
4. I draw a picture. —
5. He doesn’t open the book. –
6. You do not write the letter. —
7. Does the police officer catch the thief? —

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Make Active sentences to Passive :
Simple Past

1. She sang a song. —
2. We stopped the bus. —
3. A thief stole my car. —
4. They didn’t let him go. —
5. She didn’t win the prize. —
6. I did not tell them. —
7. Did he send the letter? —

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Make Active sentences to Passive :
Simple Future

1. Jane will buy a new computer. —
2. Millions of people will visit the museum. —
3. You will not do it. —
4. They will not show the new
film. —
5. They will not ask him. —
6. Will the company employ a new worker? —

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Слайд №11
Complete the sentences (Active or Passive Voice).
Use Simple Present.

1. He (sell) cars.
2. The blue car (sell) .
3. In summer, more ice-cream (eat) than in winter.
4. She (call) her grandparents every Friday.
5. The letters (type) .
6. We (go) to school by bus.
7. She (work / not) for a bank.

Слайд №12
Complete the sentences (Active or Passive Voice).
Use Simple Past.

1. They (visit) their granny.
2. We (visit) by our teacher.
3. She (go) to school in Boston.
4. The new shopping centre (build) last year.
5. The film (produce / not) in Hollywood.
6. Barbara (know) James very well.
7. We (spend / not) all day on the beach.

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Complete the sentences (Active or Passive Voice).
Use Future.

1. The house (build) here.
2. You (send) home.
3. I (eat) an ice-cream.
4. I (help) you.
5. The match (win / not) by our team.
6. The weather (improve / not) tomorrow.
7. They (do / not) that again.

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The Statue of Liberty
Complete the sentences (Active or Passive Voice).
You must either use Simple Present or Simple Past.

The Statue of Liberty (give) to the United States by France. It (be) a present on the 100th anniversary of the United States. The Statue of Liberty (design) by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. It (complete) in France in July 1884. In 350 pieces, the statue then (ship) to New York, where it (arrive) on 17 June 1885. The pieces (put) together and the opening ceremony(take) place on 28 October 1886.

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The Statue of Liberty (be) 46 m high (93 m including the base). The statue (represent) the goddess of liberty. She (hold) a torch in her right hand and a tablet in her left hand. On the tablet you (see / can) the date of the Declarationof Independence (July 4, 1776). Every year,the Statue of Liberty (visit) by many people from all over the world.
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