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HOLIDAYS IN U.S.Aподготовила ученица 10 «А»Викторова Диана

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National Freedom Day in the U.S.A
National Freedom Day (National Freedom Day) celebrated in the United States each year on February 1. On this day in 1865, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln) has signed a congressional resolution to amend the U.S. Constitution 13th Amendment abolishing slavery.

Resolution of Congress on making the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to abolish slavery, was: «Neither the United States nor in any other place that is subject to their authority, there should be no slavery or forced labor, except penalty for crimes for which the offender shall be duly convicted. «

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Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day) In America, Valentine’s Day are celebrated later than in Europe, 1777.
At the beginning of last century, Americans on Valentine’s Day began to send their marzipan brides. But marzipan contains sugar, which then cost is very expensive. Truly scale, this tradition has acquired after in 1800 began to make extensive use of sugar beet.
The Americans quickly established on the continent, the production of caramel and began to scratch out candy holiday of the relevant words. Candy made of red and white. Red means passion, and white — the purity of love. In 50-ies. sweets were stacked in cardboard boxes in the shape of a heart.
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Day blessing of bicycles in the U.S.A
1 мая штат Нью-Йорк в США празднует День благословения велосипедов.

История такова. 1819 год. На улицы Нью-Йорка выехал первый велосипед. Диковинку привезли из Англии. К концу лета муниципальный совет запретил передвижение по городу на новом виде транспорта, назвав велосипед небезопасным для человека.

Однако, со временем велосипед стал основным, дешевым и удобным средством передвижения жителей штата.

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Father’s Day
Father’s Day in the U.S. celebrated the third Sunday in June. The idea of creating a holiday for children who want to express our gratitude to our fathers came from Spoukeyna, Washington (Spokane, Washington).
A woman named Sonora Smart, in marriage Dodd (Sonora Smart Dodd) in 1909 in a church during a service, dedicated to Mother’s Day, I thought that after the death of her mother and five children brought up by his father, William Jackson Smart. Sonora wanted her father knew what he Peculiarities of people to her, how she loved him and appreciated. After her father sacrificed everything to fulfill all of their parental responsibilities and was in the eyes of his daughter’s most courageous, unselfish and loving person. Sonora approached local authorities to establish a new party, supported it and were going to arrange a celebration June 5 — the birthday of William Smart, but time on their training was not enough, and the celebration was postponed to June 19. Soon, the holiday became popular in other cities in the state.
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Columbus Day in the U.S.A
October 12, 1492 Italian (according to some sources — Spanish) explorer, Christopher Columbus landed in the New World — the day the expedition of Christopher Columbus reached the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas archipelago, which was subsequently accepted as the official date of discovery of America.
While most other countries of the Americas on Columbus Day (Columbus Day) is celebrated on 12 October (which is logical and justified) in the United States it is celebrated on the second Monday of October.
This event is rather controversial, because the settlement of Europeans in America led to the disappearance of history and culture of many indigenous peoples of the continent.