Reported (Indirect) speech in Present

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(Indirect )
in Present

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To check up homework
To revise reported speech in Present
To do some exercises
To read the text about Wales
Try to retell the text

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The Phonetic Exercise:

Little Linda lost her locket,

Lovely , lucky, little locket.

Lately Linda found her locket

Lying still in Linda’s pocket.

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Last Homework

Kate asks his little brother if he has washed his face and hands.
The mother asks her daughter if she wants to have tea.
The man asks a policeman if he will turn to the right or to the left.
Robert asks his friend whether the wind is strong.
Mr. Small tells his son to put on his raincoat because it’s raining.
Ann asks her grandmother to take her to Aunt.
Dick asks his friend if he can help him with his sums.
John tells his father that he has never been in the mountains.

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5 – 0-1 mistakes
4 – 2 mistakes
3 – 3- 5 mistakes
2 – 6- 8 mistakes

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Общие и альтернативные
tell smb

ask, tell,
оrder smb
ask , wonder,
want to know
ask, wonder,
want to know
Союз – (that)
Союз – вопросительное слово
Союз – if (whether)
to V,
not to V
порядок слов
порядок слов
Перевод прямой речи в косвенную
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*Необходимо обратить внимание, что форма будущего времени will в косвенной речи после союза if должна сохраняться.
*Глагол to address в косвенном предложении желательно заменить на ask или wonder.
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Перестройте в косвенную речь реплики, содержащие общие вопросы:1. She says to me: “Do you like to drink milk?” 2.* He says to Bob: “Will you come to us?” 3. They ask Nick: “Did you go to the park?”4. He asks her: “Have you done her homework?” 5.* She addresses me:“Do you know Eliza?” 6. He asks Ann: “Would you like some coffee?”
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She asks me if I like to drink milk.

2. He asks Bob if he will come to them.

3. They ask Nick if he went to the park.

4. He asks her if she has done her homework.

5. She wonders if I know Eliza.

6. He asks Ann if she would like some coffee.

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Перестройте в косвенную речь реплики, содержащие специальные вопросы:1. She asks Tom: “Where are you going?”

2. He asks his Mum: “What have they brought?”

3.* She asks Bob: “When will he come?”

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She wonders where Tom is going.
He wants to know what they have brought.
She asks Bob when he will come.

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Перестройте в косвенную речь реплики в повелительном наклонении:

He says to Ann: “Take the bag!“

2. They say to the children: “Help your mother!”

3. The boy says to his dog: “Go home!”

4. The girl says to her brother: “Don’t touch the glass!”

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He tells Ann to take the bag.

They tell the children to help their mother.

The boy tells his dog to go home.

The girl tells her brother not to touch the glass.

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