Ritual culture of Ancient Rus

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Ritual culture of Ancient Rus

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All important events were accompanied by special ritual
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Ritual – a set of the conditional, traditional actions deprived of practical expediency, but which is the symbol of certain social relations, the form of their evident expression and fastening.
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Rituals could be
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Components of ritual
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In an ancient ceremony there is a lot of feeling, a lot of visible, notable, thorough, sonorous
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Word in a ritual is not only said, or pronounced, it together with other things has a power and acts
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Glories, treby, moly
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People could see forces of Gods and cooperate with them, receive and share information.
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Первый блин
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the human was represented as a nested doll with nine bodies
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Round dances
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Building houses
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bread is a base of everything
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A cat was let into the house to drive bad force away
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Stove was very important thing
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Clothes of Slavics
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We diligently forget the history, the traditions for many years, and then we admire them, seeing them in other nations.
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