Стихи А. Барто

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The Wooden Bull Calf. 
The Bull-Calf walks with shaking knees.
The funny thing’s so small
The board is ending soon, he sees.
And he’s afraid to fall.
Слайд №3
Once a little scatter-brain
Left poor Bunny in the rain.
What could little Bunny do?
He got wet just through and through.
Слайд №4
My Billy Goat
  With my goat, so small and funny,
I go walking every day. In our garden, green and sunny, 
I and Billy love to play. Should my little Billy stray,
I will find him straightaway.
Слайд №5
The Lorry.
  Now we all are very sorry:
We put Pussy in the lorry;
Pussy didn’t like to ride –  Lo!
The lorry’s on its side.
Слайд №6
My Horse. 
How I love my little horse!
I will brush him very well, of course,
I will comb his tail and mane,
And go riding out again.
Слайд №7
On the floor lies tiny Teddy
Half a paw is gone already.
He is tattered, torn, and lame.
Yet I love him just the same. 
Слайд №8
The Airplane
  We will build a plane and soar
Over woodland, sea and shore, 
Over woodland, sea and shore
, And fly back to Mum once more.
Слайд №9
The Elephant.
  Time for bed!
The Calf’s asleep,
In his basket, snug and deep.
Teddy’s sleeping in his cot,
But the elephant is not.
He nods his head and looks askant
At the Lady Elephant.
Слайд №10
The Ball
  Little Tanya’s sadly sobbing,
On the waves her ball is bobbing.
Don’t cry your eyes out so:
Rubber balls don’t drown, you know.
Слайд №11