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TAMBOV (Работа выполнена учителем англ. языка МАОУ СОШ № 24 Давыдовой Л.И.)

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Historical Reference
The Tambov region is the land unique in geographical, historical, cultural and economical aspects.
The Tambov town was founded on the 17 th of April 1636 on the banks of the river Tsna.
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Tambov is famous for many people: such as poet E.A.Baratynsky,
S.N. Sergeyev- Tsensky, painter A. M. Gerasimov, diplomat G.V. Chicherin, scientist A.I. Ladygin and others.
At present in Tambov city there are working dramatic and puppet theatres, state institution « Tambovconcert», a regional Museum of local lore, a regional picture- gallery, a medical museum and other culturalinstitutions and establishments.

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Summer is warm, winter is temperate cold. Nature of the Tambov region is original, beautiful and above all, it is not repeated in such a combination.
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Regional industries structure: machine manufacturing and metal working, power industry, food industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, other industries.
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Transport and communication

Main railways situated on the regional territory connect it with all neighbouring regions and CIS countries. .

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Population density in the region makes 34,6 inhabitant per 1 sq. kms
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Our children are our future
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Tambov is a town of the youth. Hundreds of young people study at many institutes, schools, colleges.We love our native town very much!
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We wont it always to be beautiful and clean! We will do everything for our town!
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Be Happy!!! My native town TAMBOV!