The best of all Possible Worlds — Лучший из всех миров

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The best of all Possible Worlds

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The continent isGondwana. From it the splinter is the mini-continent on which there live lemurs and descendants of nice pirates broke away
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Madagascar is unique large island at coast of Africa and one of the largest islands of Earth
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Certainly, local «tsars of the nature» is lemurs. According to a local belief , in these small animals souls of the died people or the eremites who have voluntary gone to the jungle move.
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Madagascar is island of life treasures . Thanks to unique conditions on Madagascar lived and the types which nave died out in all other parts of the worlds developed.
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Madagascar is a cradle of the unique wild nature
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Many of animals can be met only of Madagascar
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Two seasons: roast and rainy summer from November to April more cool and dry winter from May to October.
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On the island there are 134 reserved zones and 3 huge national parks
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Antananarivo. Outwardly the city very much reminds the colorful children’s book with pictures.
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Madagascar is a vanilla most large exporter in the world market
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The solar island of Madagascar since the childhood excited our imagination, attracting the secrets , beauty and inaccessibility. Today the Great island suits us the possibilities for quiet life and interesting rest.
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On Madagascar there is all for this purpose is friendly isladers with the most interesting archaic culture , an improbable variety of natural beauty
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The end