The capital of our country is Moscow

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Moscow is the capital of Russia.
It is the main economic, political, educational and cultural centre of our country.
In Moscow there are most important state institutions.
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The Parliament and the Government of Russia are seated here as well as the President.
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Moscow is a modern megapolis with over 10 million people

It is one of the most populated in the world. It is also one of the largest with the surface of 880 sq km. It is a colourful and pulsating metropolis with innumerable places of interest and never-ending charm. Moscow has a long history.

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It was founded over 800 years ago by Grand Duke Yury Dolgoruki in 1147.
In the beginning it was a rather unimportant town, but year after year it grew into a significant city when, finally, in the 16th century it became the capital of the country.
For the period from 1712 to 1917 the capital was moved to St Petersburg.
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Moscow is situated on the Moskva river, which flows through the whole city.
Moscow residents and tourists love to take a walk along the wonderful embankments.
A boat trip on this river will open to you such city’s beauties as the Novodevichy monastery, Gorky Park and the Kremlin.
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The heart of the city, the Kremlin, is the city inside the city. It was built in the 12th century. There are many churches and museums inside the Kremlin as well as various governmental institutions.
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On the territory of the Kremlin there are the Tsar-AWcannon and the Tsar-bell which have never been actually used. Their size is truly gigantic and they are the biggest in the world.
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Also, one must visit the well-known Armoury Chamber, in which the Cap of Monomakh and many other historical exhibits are displayed.
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Close to the Kremlin is the famous Red Square where most important official public events take place, such as military parades on May 9. In the Red Square, there is also St Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and GUM.
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One of the sights worthy to be visited is the newly restored Temple of Christ the Saviour.
The temple was fully destroyed in the beginning of the Soviet rule after the October revolution. In its place for about eighty years there was the biggest swimming pool in the city.
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There are many museums and galleries in Moscow holding masterpieces of fine arts.
The Tretyakov Gallery is dedicated exclusively to Russian artists of various periods and styles such as Repin, Shishkin, Ayvazovsky, Vrubel and others. In the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts one can see hundreds of masterpieces by both Russian artists as well as foreign ones. In Moscow, there are many theatres of world level.
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The most famous theatres are The Bolshoi, the Maly, and the Chekhov and the Gorky MHATs (Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre).
The Sovremennik theatre is known to stage only plays written in the last several decades. The Lenkom theatre is famous for its rock-operas, a rather exotic genre on Russian stage.
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Moscow is also a scientific city. Moscow State University is the oldest and the most important in Russia. It was founded by famous Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov in 18th century.
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Russian State Library, formerly called Lenin Library or “Leninka”, contains more than 8 million books and is the biggest book stock in the country. Moscow metro is a unique masterpiece of its kind.
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There is no other city in the world where every metro station is a stunning work of art.
Being extremely efficient, Moscow metro is also most fitted for such a big city.
Moscow is a magnificent city.
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It has a great number of green parks, and wide streets.
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It has a great number of green parks, and wide streets. Sokolniki park, Gorki park, and Izmailovski park are amazing in every time of the year and full of people. Tverskaya Street is the central thoroughfare of the city on which the monument of the founder of the city, Yuri Dolgoruky, is situated as well as the city hall.
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Also significant are the New and the Old Arbat, the streets which the tourists are always eager to visit.
Moscow has been sung and admired by many artists and writers. It never fails to astonish with its beauties. One can never have enough of Moscow. It takes just one visit to Moscow to fall in love with the city.
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The end!