Welcome to Russia

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Оноре Е.В., учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ № 16 города Кропоткин
урок» Welcome to Russia

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1. the people of Russia
2. the biggest cities of our country
3. Russia’s nature and animals
4. the weather in different parts of Russia
Look at the titles of the texsts and
say which text can tell you about
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Scenery – пейзаж
diverse – разнообразный
amazing – удивительный, изумительный
impressive – впечатляющий, внушительный
vast [va:st] – необъятный, обширный
extreme – крайний
birch tree – берёза
own [oun] – собственный
culture – культура
magnificent — великолепный
New words:
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Time zone
Try to guess the meaning of the words
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Desert – a vast area of sand, sunny and hot
Population – people, who live in a particular country
Temperate – a climate, which has cold winters and hot summers
Monsoon – a climate, which has lots of rain
Try to understand the meaning of the words:
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Complete the sentences:
1.The name of our country is………
2.Russia lies in ……….
3.Russia stretches across …… times zones.
4.Most part of Russia has ………………climate with cold winters and hot summers.
5.The coldest place in the world is……
6.The symbols of Russia are……..
7. The capital of Russia is……..
8. The country’s main ports are…….

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Famous places in Moscow

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Famous places in St’Petersburg
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Famous places in Sochi
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Olympic games in Sochi 2014
Russia has medals
Gold – 13
Silver -11
Bronze -9
All medals — 33
The Paralympics:
Gold – 30
Silver -28
Bronze -22
All medals — 80

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Thank you very much for your work and attention