What do you know about the Olympic Games

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Учитель английского языка МБОУ ООШ № 21 г. Осинники Кемеровской обл. Шустова Ирина Валерьевна
The quiz for the 8th form: “What do you know aboutthe Olympic Games?”

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1-st round: “The History of the Olympic Games”
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1.When and where did the Olympic Games begin? (name the date and the country)
776 BC, Ancient Greece
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2. When and where did the first Olympic Games take place? (name the town)
In Athens
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For example: winter Olympic games took place in
1912-1916-1920-1924-1928-1932-1936- 1948-1952-1956-1960-1964-1968-1972-1926-1980-1984-1988-1992-1996-2000-2004-2008-2012…..
3. How did they take place?
every 4 years
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4. Why did the Olympic Games become the symbol of peace and friendship?
For the period of games all the wars stopped
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2-nd round:
“The Olympic movement”
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1. What is the central policy-making body of the Olympic movement?
The International Olympic Comitee
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2. What is necessary besides sports competitions for the Olympic Games?
А cultural programme of concerts, exhibitions, festivals
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3. When did Russia join the Olympic movement?
In 1952
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4. Where and when did Olympic Games take place in our country ?
the 22-nd Olympic Games, Moscow, 1980
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5. What does the Olympic motto mean?
Citius Altius Fortius
FASTER Higher Stronger
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3-rd round: “National sports of Great Britain and the USA”
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1. Which game is the most popular game in GB and in the world?
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2. What club is the biggest football club in the world?
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3. What kind of sport is Derby connected with?
Horse racing
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4. What kind of sport is Wimbledon connected with?
All-England and International Tennis Championships
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5. What is a “walking” game in Britain?
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6. When and where was basketball invented?
by a teacher at a sports school in Springfield, USA, 1891
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7. What kinds of sports were originated in the USA also?
volleyball, wind-surfing, skate-boarding, triathlon
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The game is over.
Good luck!
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http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Олимпийские игры

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