Whatever the weather

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Whatever the weather

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Phonetic drill
[w] [??]
Warm scold
We cold
Weather won’t
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New words:
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Read the poem
When the weather is wet
We won’t fret
When the weather is cold
We won’t scold.
When the weather is warm
We won’t storm –
But be thankful together
Whatever the weather.
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It’s winter now. It’s cold and snowy. I don’t like winter, because I haven’t any green grass, I can’t walk in the park and I won’t play tag with my friends but I will play snowballs and toboggan.
The spring comes. It’s warm and sunny. The trees and grass are green. Children like the season and they play in the park.
Summer comes. It’s very hot. The children dive and swim. They ride by scooters, play badminton and football. The donkey says «I like summer very much, because I’ll have a lot of green grass and I won’t be sad.
And then autumn will come. It will be cloudy, rainy, windy.
The trees will be yellow and red. But the donkey will have a lot of apples and carrots to eat. Children will come to school they will study to write and read.
The donkeys‘ Favourite Season
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Task 1: True or false:
1) The donkey hasn’t got any green grass in winter
2) Spring comes. It’s rainy and cloudy.
3) In summer the children dive and swim.
4)The donkey likes summer because it’s very hot.
5) In autumn the donkey has got a lot of apples and carrots to eat.
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Task 2: Answer these questions
When the donkey is sad?
What is it’s favourite season?
What does it like to do in winter?
What does it like to do in spring?
What does it like to do in summer?
What does it like to do in autumn?
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Напиши какая погода изображена на рисунках
Model: It’ s cold and windy
What is the weather like?
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Dear Jill and Jim,
In January I’ll go to Russia.
It will be _______ and _______ in winter.

I’ll _________ and play snowballs.

I’ll make a funny ________.

I’ll ______ in the park.

I won’t _________ skate because I can’t .
In the evening I’ll tell my Russian friends New Year fairy tales. Would you like to go to Russia with me?
Write, please.
Your Tiny


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Thank you for the lesson!
Good – luck and good — by