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Passive Voice
The fundamentals of English grammar

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Passive Voice
Active Voice
In English there are two ways to describe actions
Действительный залог
Страдательный залог
Millions of people read this magazine.
Mary translated the article.

We will finish this work tomorrow.
This magazine is read by millions of people.
The article was translated by Mary.
This work will be finished tomorrow.
Пассивный залог используется, когда нам более важен объект действия, а не тот, кто его совершил.
При этом объект или предмет, над которым совершалось действие, встаёт на место подлежащего.

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To be
Forms of the verb in Passive Voice
Modal verbs
can/could be V3/ed
must be V3/ed
may be V3/ed
should be V3/ed
have/has to be V3/ed
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употребляется перед предметом или объектом, совершившим действие
употребляется перед предметом, с помощью которого было совершено действие
Mary painted the fence with a special brush.
The fence was painted
by Mary.
The fence was painted
with a special brush.
London was completely destroyer by fire in1666.
Many beautiful museums in London are often visited by tourists.
The cheese was cut with a special knife.
Our furniture is cleaned only with a special substance.
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Phrasal verbs with prepositions
Глаголы, после которых нельзя забывать предлог!
hear of
pay attention to
take care of
laugh at
look at
look after
look for
listen to
make fun of
rely on
depend on
send for
speak of/about
talk about
think of
provide for
explain to
pay for
be rich in
be proud of/ take pride in
be responsible for
Be careful!!!
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