Family and Family Relationship — Семья и семейные отношения

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Family and Family Relationship
Петрачкова Татьяна Григорьевна,
учитель английского языка, МБОУ «Лицей №17»,
г.Славгород Алтайского края

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Have you got a brother?
Play with each other
(don’t ) get on well
Argue with each other
Have arguments and fights
Only alone
Have my own room
Always alone
Do everything myself
Can’t talk to anybody
when I have got problems
Слайд №3
Chose the right word (elder, younger, the eldest, the youngest):
My name is Kate. I am … in the family. Ann is …than I, but she is … than Dasha My sister Dasha is …in our family. We love our mother and spend together our summer holidays.
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Make up similar dialogue about your family:
Is your family large?
Yes, our family is a large one. There are 5 of us. I have got a mother, a father, and two brothers.
Are your brothers younger than you?
No, they are both older.
I’m the youngest child in the family.
And everybody has a pet I believe?
Oh, yes!
Слайд №5
Guess the riddles:
It is your parents’ child. It is neither your brother nor your sister. Who is it?
Two people are walking along the street. One says, “This is my father’s house. But I am not his son. Who speaks?
Слайд №6
Guess the riddle:
Once upon a time there sat two Indians, a little Indian and a big Indian. The little Indian was the son of the big Indian, but the big Indian wasn’t his father. Explain it.
Слайд №7
Who are they?
A son of one’s brother or sister
A daughter of one’s brother or sister
Children born at the same time by the same mother
A son’s wife
A daughter’s husband
Parents of one’s mother
(grandparents, twins, sister-in-law, nephew niece, brother-in-law)
Слайд №8
Look at the words. Note those of them which have pairs.
aunt boy daughter father
child cousin girlfriend grandfather
friend girl husband man
niece parent grandmother nephew
mother son wife woman
sister uncle boyfriend brother
Слайд №9
Listen to children’s opinion about their parents’ responsibilities:
Parents must give their children more love.
Parents must talk to their children more often.
Parents must try to understand their children.
Parents must give their children more freedom.
Parents must help their children with problems they have at school.

Слайд №10
Does the boy help his relatives?
I Help… I like to help my Mother,
To clean the room with Father ,
To sweep the floor with Brother. It’s not much work but rather. To iron helps me Sister. I train with Aunt tongue-twister. It’s very hard to be polite And always say Grandma good night. To walk with dogs Black, Brown, White, To play with cats a day not night – All doing that I get great pleasure, But there’s no time to have some leisure.
Слайд №11
Do you help your mother?
To wash dishes, to cook
To do the ironing to tidy up the room
To clean the house to sweep the floor
To do the washing to go shopping
Слайд №12
Do you spend your free time together? Speak about you holidays together with your family!
Слайд №13
“My summer holidays” Make up a story about your best day with your family!
Слайд №14
Family rules
We should help each other;
We should support each other;
We shouldn’t quarrel;
We should help our mother about the house;
We should be polite;
We should do any work thoroughly ( home task, work about the house, etc.).
Слайд №15
Finish the sentence:
In a friendly family members
In a hospitable family members
In an ideal family members
In a conservative family members
Слайд №16
Make up the Coat of Arm of your family!
We have many roots in Russia, that’s why I choose three colours: white, red and blue.
We like flower. So, tulip is on the coat of the arm. All members of our family like to go in for sport. Then, a tennis rocket is here. A birch tree is the symbol of Russia. We planted it in our yard. Look, here it is.
Слайд №17
Thank you for your work!