Семья — Family

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What is the name of the lesson?
What is the aim of the lesson?
Working on the text
What will we do at the lesson?
Answer the questions
Translate some sentences
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Dear Jane,
Thanks for your letter. I’m glad you’re going to visit Russia.
In your letter you asked to tell you about my family. My family is not very big, just a typical Russian family: Dad, Mom, me, my brother and sister and our cat.
He is very funny, now he is watching TV. Igor likes to play with our cat.
My grandparents live in the village. Everyone in my family is my best friend.
Where did you rest last summer? You visited France, didn’t you? I hope you liked your trip.
I’d better go now as I’ve got to do my homework — boring! Can’t wait to see you!
Lots of love,

It is a letter
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1. Моя семья не очень большая, это типичная семья: папа, мама, я, мои брат, сестра и кот.
2. Моей старшей сестре Наташе — девятнадцать, она ходит в университет и хочет стать учительницей по истории.
3. Мои бабушка и дедушка живут в деревне.
4. Они выращивают овощи и фрукты.
5. Я очень люблю свою семью.
6. Каждый член моей семьи — мой лучший друг.
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Guess who it is?
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Guess who it is?
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Guess who it is?
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Guess who they are?
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Guess who it is?
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1. How many are there in the family?
2. Where do parents work?
3. What is mother, father, sister and brother like?
4. What is mother doing now?
5. Where do grandparents live?
6. How do they get along with ?
7. When is Jane going to visit Russia?

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Guess who it is?

Responsible and kind
Loves animals
A veterinarian
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Rewrite word combinations or
sentences typical for letters
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Friendly, careful, loving
To care, to help, to love
Can’t live without them
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Write a letter to Jane about your family