Great Britain

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Great Britain
In pictures

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Regional division
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The U.K.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland

Four countries:
-Northern Ireland

Every part has own emblem, flag, capital

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Flag of Northern Ireland
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Flag of Scotland
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Flag of Wales
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Flag of England
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Emblem of Northern Ireland
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Emblem of Scotland
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Emblem of Wales
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Emblem of England
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The capitals of countries are:

Northern Ireland-Belfast




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The longest rivers are Severn and Thames
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Tle highest mountains with the highest mountain Ben Nevis are The Highlands of Scotland
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More than 60 million
Main ethnic groups – English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and other minority groups
Languages – main language is English, other languages are Welsh, Scottish and Irish Gaelic
The largest cities are London, Bristol, Birmigham, Cantebury, Exeter, Leicester, Manchester, Leeds, Edingurg and Glasgow
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London – the city of traditions and exciting places
Red double-deckers – traditionaly means of transport
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The Houses of Parliament Fascinating neo-gothic architecture
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Big Ben – Symbol of London
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St. Paul?s Cathedral – One of the largest cathedrals in the world
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The Tower Bridge – beautiful monument above Thames
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Trafalgar Square – victory of admiral Nelson
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The British Museum – The largest museum in the world
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Buckingham Palace – The Queen?s residence
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Piccadilly Circus – One of the most famous shopping centres
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Royal Albert Hall – Place for the best musicians
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I hope you like London ?