What do you know about Great Britain

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What do you know about Great Britain

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Tongue twisters
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Tongue twisters
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Population – the English
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The national flag – The St. George’s Cross
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National symbols of England
Royal Coat of Arms
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National Day – April 23rdSt. George’s Day
St. George and the dragon
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London — the capital
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The flag of Wales
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The Symbols of Wales
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Its patron saint is St. David
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The national dress of Wales.
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Cardiff is an industrial city, which also has a castle, a cathedral, a university. It is the capital of Wales and its main port.
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Mount Snowdon
Wales has high mountains, including Mount Snowdon, the second highest mountain in Britain.
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Map of Scotland
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A Few Facts About Scotland
The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh.
The money used is called the pound sterling.
The population of Scotland is 4,996,000.
The language spoken is English.
Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.
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Scotland is famous for…
Haggis- a food made from the organs of sheep and oatmeal.
Kilts — traditional Scottish woolen cloth costume with a tartan or plaid pattern. This is a skirt that men wear.
Bagpipers — people who play the bagpipes, a traditional Scottish instrument
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Scottish Culture
Scots celebrate many holidays.

Scottish families are called clans and each clan has a special plaid to show what their family is. These are the plaids on their kilts.
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Flag adopted 29 May 1953.
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The population of Northern Ireland is more than a half million people.
State languages in Northern Ireland are English, Irish and Gaelic.
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Shamrock is an informal national emblem of the ancient folk of Northern Ireland.
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Belfast is a lively, cultural center, where there are excellent museums and galleries, as indeed, in many cities in the UK, as well as pubs, bars, theaters, parks, restaurants and other entertainment.
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The national taste of Northern Ireland is quite interesting. One of the traditional dishes is the famous Irish lamb stew. Potatoes is the second bread in Ireland. Northern Ireland is famous for its delicious traditional pastries. They are: soda bread, potato bread, fruit bread.
Irish lamb stew
Soda bread
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The national holiday is Saint Patrick’s Day, because St. Patrick is a patron saint of Ireland. There are many meetings and parades are held in that day.
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exhibitions , sporting events, excursions,
festivals , museums , castles, cultural centers,

What would you recommend……..?
Is it worth visiting……..?
I can advise you to visit….
We can offer you to….
Would you like to ….?

popular, interesting , modern, unusual,
famous, ancient, historical

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