My favourite day

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My favourite day
Презентация для урока в 6 классе
Разработчик: Кудряшова Полина Викторовна
учитель английского языка
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In the morning…
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In the morning…
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In the afternoon…
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In the afternoon…
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In the evening…
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In the evening…
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At night…
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My favourite day is … because I…
Play sports
Get up late
Don’t go to school
Visit my friend
Go for a walk
Go to the cinema, caf?, restaurant, zoo…
Play computer games
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I love Saturday by Lera
Later in the afternoon I go to Varya’s place. Her mum teaches us how to cook. Every Saturday we make salads, bake pancakes, cakes or cupcakes. At 6 o’clock we have dinner. When we finish dinner, we play with our toys and tell stories before we go to sleep. I absolutely love Saturdays!
Saturday is a perfect day for me. It starts at 10 o’clock with a big breakfast. Then I take my swimsuit and I set off with my best friend,Varya, for the swimming pool! There we swim, dive and do the exercises.
After the swimming pool we go to a caf?. We eat burgers and drink Coke. Sometimes we buy ice-cream. My favourite ice-cream is vanilla ice-cream.
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bed, Sunday, that, watch, afternoon, lunch, walk, get, has
My favourite day is . The best part about Sundays is that I up late. I go downstairs and where my mum a big breakfast waiting for me. After breakfast I my dog, Jeff, in the park. After I come home and I go and have with my family in our favourite restaurant. In the afternoon, dad takes us for a nice long drives in the country. In the evenings, we all a film together and then we go to . Sometimes I think it’s sad that Sunday only comes once a week!

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Thank you for attention!
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