Past Simple — Прошедшее простое время

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Past Simple
Прошедшее простое время

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Слова — индикаторы

Last week (year, month, century)

30 years ago

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Глагол правильный — -ED
He worked the whole day yesterday

Глагол неправильный – 2-ая форма
I saw (see) him in the park last week.

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Irregular verbs:
Be –
Begin –
Forget –
Have –
Feel –
Get –
Give —
Read –
Write –
Run –
Go –
Do –
Break –
Make —
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перед подлежащим
???? Did you go to the cinema last Sunday?????
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между подлежащим и сказуемым

I didn’t go to the college yesterday.

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Write down this text in Past Simple:
On Tuesday I get up at half past six. I go to the bathroom and wash my hands and face and clean my teeth. Then I dress, go to the kitchen and cook breakfast for my family. At half past seven my son gets up and has breakfast. I have breakfast with my son. My son eats a sandwich and drinks a cup of tea. I don’t drink tea. I drink coffee. After Breakfast my son leaves home for school. I don’t leave home with my son. On Tuesday I don’t work in the morning. I work in the afternoon. In the evening I am at home. My husband and my son are at home, too. We rest in the evening. My son watch­es TV, my husband reads newspapers and I do some work about the house. At about eleven o’clock we I go to bed.
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Past Simple & Present Simple
1. I (to go) to bed at ten o’clock every day. 2. I (to go) to bed at ten o’clock yesterday. 3. My brother (to wash) his face every morning. 4. Yesterday he (to wash) his face at a quarter past seven. 5. I (not to have) history lessons every day. 6. We (not to rest) yesterday. 7. My brother (not to drink) cof­fee yesterday. 8. My mother always (to take) a bus to get to work, but yesterday she (not to take) a bus. Yesterday she (to walk) to her office. 9. You (to talk) to the members of your family every day? — Yes, I …. But yesterday I (not to talk) to them: I (to be) very busy yesterday. 10. You (to come) home at six o’clock yesterday?