What do you do to help your family?

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What do you do to help your family?

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Phonetic drill
[u:] cook, room, book, broom
[e] net, set, pet, get
One busy housewife
Polished the door and then the floor.
And then she made her bed
and fed her lovely pet

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Model: What did you do yesterday at home?Answer: I went the shopping yesterday.
go shopping – ходить за покупками
make a bed – заправлять постель
lay the table – накрывать на стол
answer the phone calls – отвечать на телефонные звонки
make a cake – стряпать торт
clean the room – убирать в комнате
feed the pet – кормить домашнее животное
water the flowers – поливать цветы
repair the bike – чинить велосипед
cook breakfast/ lunch – готовить завтрак/ обед
do the washing up – мыть посуду
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Work in pairs
— What did you do to help your family yesterday?
— I cleaned my room and fed my dogs.
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Let’s play
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Let’s listen the text!
Why didn’t Jane help her mum?
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Answer the question
Where did Jane and her mum live?
What did Jane’s mother do every day?
Did you like Jane? Why?
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«Lazy Jane»

Task 1: True or false
Every day her mother cleaned the rooms
Jane watered the trees in the garden.
Every day Jane helped her mother.
One day mother made an apple pie.
She went to the shop and bought some apples.
Jane liked to help her mum.

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Task 2. Fill in the gaps!
Jane ____________________ in a small house.
Every day Jane _________________ the rooms.
She ____________________ the flowers.
One day her mother ____________ some apples for the pie.
Then she _________ to the shop and ________ some sugar.
When she ______________ the apple pie.
Jane _________________ «I liked it».


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Complete the sentence!
Jane didn’t help her mother to make the apple pie because …
she didn’t like apple pies
she was busy
she was lazy
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Tell how you helped your mother yesterday
We _________ in a _______ house.
Yesterday I ________the room, _________,__________.
And my sister/brother _______ the flowers.
Yesterday mother ____________ the cake/pie.
And I _________ to the shop and ________ some sugar.
When the________ was ready, we _______it together and enjoyed it!
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Home task
Ex. 33 page 75
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Thank you for the lesson!
Good – luck and goodbye!