Политическая система России

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Политическая система России

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Фонетическая зарядка.Remember all new words:
To appoint the Prime Minister
To determine the policy
To delay the bill
To revise the bill
To examine the bill
To vote (on) the programme
To draft the programme
To sign a bill
To pass a new law
To rule the country
To oppose the government policy
To make laws
To discuss the bill
To approve the bill
To challenge the bill
To give the royal assent
Слайд №3
What does “democracy” mean ?
All people and authorities follow the constitution.
People elect their representatives to rule the country.
People do what they want within the framework of the law.
People say what they think.
People elect the head of the state directly.
People can live in any place they choose.
Слайд №4
is the official head of state; has mostly representative functions
The Prime Minister
is the head of the government; is the leader of the party with the majority of seats in the House of Commons
The Cabinet
About 20 ministers; determines government policies
Non-Cabinet Ministers
The House of Commons
(about 650 elected MP)
makes laws; discusses political problems the House of Lords
(over 1.100 permanent non-elected members – peers and life peers)
Examines and revises bills from the House of Commons; can delay bills for one year
(all men and women over 18)
Is responsible to
Слайд №5
The Congress
The House
of Representatives
The Senate
The Administration
The Supreme Court
The President
The Vice President
The Cabinet
Federal judges
The people over 18
for 2 years
25 years old
a citizen of the USA
not less than 7 years

30 years
for 6 years
a citizen
of the USA
not less than
9 years


Слайд №6
. Look at the pictures. Name the topic. What do the pictures represent?

Слайд №7
Answer the questions.
What is the name of our country?
What is the Russian Federation state system according to the Constitution?
For how long is the President elected?
What is the structure of the Federal Government?
What chambers does the Federal Assembly consist of?
Whom does the executive power belong to?
Who is the head of the Government?
Do you know the State symbol of Russia?
What is the National Emblem of Russia?
What is the state language of Russia?
Слайд №8
What emotions do you feel?
Positive emotions.
Negative emotions.
I feel…
Because I …
…was(not) bored.
…worked hard.
…answered properly.
…was active and impassioned.
…received a good(bad)mark.