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Machu Picchu. City of Monks
Ksenofontova A. 11 “A”
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Still it is precisely not known when the last inhabitants of this forgotten city were lost but it is known that anybody at all did not suspect about existence highly of the Peruvian mountains of the mysterious settlement more than three centuries
Machu Picchu
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The name of the city of Machu Picchu is literally translated as «the old mountain». The settlement settled down on almost equal platform of one of the numerous mountains of Peru, in an environment of other, not less beautiful tops.
Machu Picchu
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The Spanish conquistadors who have taken Peru in the XVI century, those who came here after them, the Monks living in Machu Picchu — did not leave any written certificates of that the city was existed. Most likely, Spaniards even could not think that on one of mountains there was a settlement of Monks. The thrown ancient city was found only at the beginning of the XX century
Machu Picchu
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Among archeologists of the whole world the legend about the mysterious city of Monks in Peru long wandered, but to American Hayrem Bingem was a little only one legend— he spent for searches of Machu Picchu some years while on July 24, 1911 he at last was not lucky. According to a legend, having risen by one of mountains, Bingem with the Peruvian porter came across two Indian families, protecting «the forgotten city». In one of these families there was a little boy who, having received as a gift from the professor a coin in one salt (an equivalent of 30 cents), showed it overgrown and almost indiscernible footpath to the ruins of the ancient city hidden behind dense greens at mountain top. Thus, only for a third of dollar the archeologist learned the road to the mythical citadel which has endured blossoming and a decline of the Monk civilization!
Machu Picchu
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It is strange, that even after professor’s opening, nobody visited Machu Picchu even more than three decades — until archaeological expedition working nearby did not come across ancient Monk’s Road, the leader through a valley straight to the city
Machu Picchu
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By the way, Machu Picchu — not the real name of the Monk’s settlement. Such name was given to the city local, we most likely never any more do not learn the real name how we do not recognize also that, how many Monks lived in this fortress and why in general they needed to build the city so far from the center of their state moreover at mountain top, at the height of 2057 meters .

Machu Picchu

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About population we can draw conclusions only relying on modern researches of ruins of Machu Picchu according to which the city consisted approximately of two hundred structures from stone plates well processed and densely adjusted to each other
Machu Picchu
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On internal planning and other more fine details archeologists came to a conclusion that the most part of these constructions carried out a role of warehouses, residences, temples, etc. On approximate estimations, in the city and round it lived more than one thousand Monks.
Machu Picchu
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Monks worshipped to god of the Sun Inti and cultivated agricultural cultures on special terraces
Machu Picchu
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It is easy to distinguish palace constructions from usual houses — they are given out by ideally processed stone plates from which they are put

Machu Picchu
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Any ancient adaptations, possible for collecting rain water, or washing something

Machu Picchu
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According to tiny volumes of information which managed to be found today about the forgotten city, the only chosen could enter into Machu Picchu — the highest nobility, priests and their suite, and also the best handicraftsmen, because not everyone will be able to reap a good harvest at the height more than 2 kilometers. Except these people, here were allowed mamakunas — the elected virgins who have devoted all the life for service to god Inti.
Machu Picchu
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Sun tower
Machu Picchu
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Monks had a tradition to create each city in the form of any being. Relying on it, Machu Picchu from height of bird’s flight has to resemble the condor. Most likely, so Monks wanted to show something or to prove to the gods
Machu Picchu
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Archeologists hoped to find answers to many questions, having carried out excavation to Machu Picchu, but as a result came across even bigger quantity of questions. 173 skeletons from which one and a half hundred — female, thus it wasn’t revealed any valuable subject at them were found in the city. Besides, there was one more burial which is differing from others — Bingem called it a tomb of the Supreme priest — here found remains of the woman who was ill syphilis, a small doggie, some ceramic subjects, couple of spits and clothes from wool
Machu Picchu
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Farmers of Machu Picchu processed more than five hectares of lands on the special narrow terraces arranged directly on slopes of mountains, and both terraces, and stone steps conducting to them were made forever — they lived to us practically without changes
Machu Picchu
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Also remained till our time the Temple of Three Windows, main in all rituals of Monks. The sunshine falling on the area through windows of the temple symbolize three founders of the empire of the Monks who have entered into this world, according to a legend, through these windows
Machu Picchu
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Over the Temple of Three Windows there is small ancient observatory with the interesting stone towers Intivatan most likely serving as a peculiar sundial for the priests. Intivatan has also other name — «a control point of the Sun»
Machu Picchu
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Historians know today about Monks not so much, but some information nevertheless is, for example we with a certain share of probability know that in traditions of Monks there were no human sacrifices — in the victim to gods were brought only animals though there were a lot of. In Machu Picchu, for example, in the morning and in the afternoon sacrificed white lamas, and in the evening the black one
Machu Picchu
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By the way, the track of Monks to Machu Picchu along the river Urubamba through some passes now remained but if you want to walk on it up, it will take to you some days
Machu Picchu