Помощь по дому — What do you do to help your family

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Answer my questions, please:
1. Do you help your mother at home?
2. Do you tidy your room?
3. Do you water the flowers?
4. Do you help your mother to cook dinner?

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The topic of our lesson today is:
“What do you do to help your family”
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Now we train some words from this unit
Watched Studied
Skated Tried
Wanted Cried
Collected Smiled
Painted Needed
Learned Looked
Talked Finished

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What is it?
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Let’s make the table:
Name My duty
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Do not Can’t
Does not Haven’t
Can not Don’t
Shall not Didn’t
Will not Doesn’t
Have not Shan’t
Has not Wasn’t
Did not Won’t
Was not Hasn’t
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Переделайте предложения, употребив краткую форму вспомогательного глагола:
1. I do not have a brother.

2. My grandmother does not listen to rock music.

3. Our friends have not new cartridges.

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Your hometask is:
Page 42, exercise 8,10a) (workbook)
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Thank you for your work.
Good bye.
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Найти к 1-й форме глагола 2-ю форму глагола
1. Wrote Make
2. Drink Flew
3. Think Had
4. Write Drank
5. Take Put
6. Have Met
7. Fly Made
8. Put Saw
9. See Took
10. Give Came
11. Come Gave
12. Meet Thought